Practice Area


• Advise on strategic patent issues
• Conduct prior art searches and watching services, and advise on clearance study for marketing new products
• Render opinions on the patentability of inventions, validity and possible infringement of patents
• Prepare, file and prosecute patent applications (Inventions, Utility Models and Designs)
• Represent clients in reexamination and invalidation proceedings
• Negotiate, draft and record patent licenses and assignments, and conduct pledge registrations
• Record patents with China Customs and represent clients in border measures for protection of patents before Customs
• Litigate and defend patent infringement claims in courts and with administrative authorities
• Maintain patents and offer annuity reminding services
• Advise on other patent related legal matters


• Advise on strategic trademark issues
• Conduct clearance searches, and watching and investigation services
• Advise on the availability and registrability of a mark, and possible infringement of registered trademark
• File and prosecute applications for trademark registrations
• Represent clients in oppositions and cancellation proceedings, and in proceeding for adjudication of disputes concerning registered trademarks
• Negotiate and draft trademark licenses and assignments, and conduct recordation and pledge registrations
• Maintain and renew trademark registration
• Police and monitor trademark and domain name usage
• Record trademarks with China Customs and represent clients in border measures for protection of trademarks before Customs
• Litigate and defend trademark and trade name infringement claims, domain name disputes, cybersquatting, unfair competition and false advertising cases in courts and administrative authorities
• Negotiate for solutions in trademark-related disputes
• Advice on other trademark-related legal matters


Prepare, file and prosecute copyright applications
• Prepare, file and prosecute plant variety rights applications

Mechanical engineerings



Electronics computer

Industrial chemicals